Ghost Story

Written by Adri Adityo Wisnu

I see a figure out there. Looks like a shadow,camouflage with the darkest of night. Standing right there,staring at me. My body can’t move,and suddenly the room turns cold like winter,but the temperature shows 30 degrees.
Yes,im sure he’s not a wizard,or even a human. . What does it want ? Does my house built above his/her grave ? No one knows. Sweat starting to rolling down in my body. After a couple of seconds,it’s finally disappear,im normal again. Until. . . . .
Until i heard an old man voice moaning from far away. The sound like he’s in so much pain. But i thought its just my imagination
The voice stop. In a couple of minutes,i heard it again. Except,it’s getting closer,and closer,and its like the voice came from behind me !
i looked back
but there’s nothing there . . . . .
then i heard it again and its right in my left ear . . . . .
and the sound coming from my computer !
i looked up in the monitor and there’s a picture of a badly wounded old man with a major amount of bloods swelling from his ears and eyes.
i gasped,my hands are shaking
without hesitation i run towards the door and try to open it . . . .
but the door’s locked !
I don’t remember about locking up the door,so i unlocked ita and try to open it again
but still the door wont budge !
i scream as loud as i could but it doesnt seems anyone hear me from outside
i run towards the corner of the room,so i can have a good view of the room but i saw nothing.
I sat . . . .then i said to myself  “keep a hold of yourself ! this is not real . . . .its only your mind toying with you now. . . . .calm down . . .calm down. if this is a dream,a shock could wake me up”
the room fell silence in a moment . . . .
im back on my feet,thinking the terror is finally over . . . .
i walked slowly towards my computer in the other side of the room.
slowly . . . .
until im about to pass through a big mirror attached to my closet.
i heard it again.
a moaning voice,but this time,with a foot steps . . . .
i stopped my step,slowly i turned around and look towards the mirror.
and what i see is a figure of an old man,badly wounded,you can see the blood everywhere,he’s INSIDE the mirror and he walked towards me.
i just stand still,don’t know what to do
the great fear has freezing me . . .
the ghost is reaching the mirror,its like he wanna reach “this side” from the “other side” but he can’t get through the mirror,and yet he keeps trying.
his moaning sound really freaking me out
he does looked like a zombie . . .
suddenly he starting to scream . . .
first the scream was not so loud . . . . .and then his screaming started to sound horrifying,like he’s in so much suffering.
he started to laugh hysterically too.
and “boosh” he’s gone again
and finally,i fall down to my feet,really tired withstand that terrible terror.
and yeah,it’s finally over.
but . . . .
i cant understand what does the spirits wants
and i don’t wanna know either


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