High Schooler Heroes preview. By : Adri A Wisnu

a fictional Burningham International school is a pretty huge school. Its divided into Elementary school,the largest part of the school,Junior High School,and Senior High School. One day a band of terrorists attacked the school,they’re demanding the government to give them a dozens amount of money,if they don’t, the terrorists will blow the school and kill everyone around it. They keep the students as hostages at Senior High School’s great hall. and the teachers at elementary great hall. The government dispatch an army and SWAT team to make sure that the terrorist doesn’t do anything stupid,after all they don’t wanna gave the money. They will blow the school within 2 days,if the government didn’t give them the money they want. And when all hope seems to be lost,Three brave students stood up and opposing the threats,they killed the terrorists that guarding the great hall,take their weapons,and killed the remaining terrorists on the senior high school. they realized that this is far from over,and cant win by just three of them. so they enlist their friends that brave enough to join their little army. The three are,James O’Connor a 16 years old boy,who somehow so addicted to war games,he even wanna fight in a real war. He’s tall,his hair is curly but he often shaved it so it looks straight. He doesn’t mind killing bad people for self-defense. Second,there’s Frank. James’s friend since they were at junior high school. Has a spiky hair,good at playing guitar and he’s a genius. Third,Joey. He’s James and Frank’s junior. he’s wearing glasses,short black hair,and he’s a cocky little brat.
They must got through the junior high and elementary buildings to save the rest of the students and teachers and help the police by reducing the number of the terrorist inside so that the police could push the attack from the front.

Note that the character description for James,Frank,and Joey are based from a real boys,but the story are entirely fiction,and the description of the school is based on my school. I’ll post the full story as soon as its finished


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