They’re On Every Corner

Written By: Adri A Wisnu


“We’re here fellas !” a car stopped at front of a big house, a very old fashioned mansion. It seems being left by his owner for a hundred years. But it doesn’t look like it. “C’mon, wake up guys” Joseph Creed, head of Creed family, he’s a very successful writer in that time. Joe for short, waking his sons that were sleeping in the back seat. ” Whoa dad, are you sure this is where we will stayed for 5 days ?” Abraham looked surprised. Abraham is Joe’s eldest son; his face is really looked like his father. “Are you sure we rent a mansion with a little price? i mean, look at this place !” Abraham said as he get out of the car. “It’s cheap because its old, Abe. i can imagine, the interior must be very dusty” Jessica creed said. She’s a wife of Joseph. “oh my god I can’t imagine” Abe babbling to himself.

“It’s okay, we’re only here for a couple of days. So enjoy your vacation” Joe said

“Daddy . . .” Noah just opened his eyes

Joe then picks Noah up. “Let’s see what’s inside” Joe takes the key from his pocket. goes to the front door and use the key.

“Here Jess, hold him up” Joe give Noah to Jess. He slowly open the door, it was crooked a little, so he’s afraid that the door will break.

“whoa . . .look at this” Joe sat foot in the mansion, he’s so amazed at what he saw, “Look at this everyone ! come in !”

His family followed him and they’re amazed about how beautiful the mansion is. it really old outside, but it’s like brand new inside.

Its bright, clean, the floor can give reflection, its really nice.

“Wait. It does really make me thinking. Why would the old man give us a cheap price for an awesome place like this?” asked Jess wondering

“Well, it’s good for us then.” Joe said and he chuckled. “Let’s have a great vacation everyone! Well I have to begin writing my new book anyway.”

The mansion is located near a mountain. surrounded with a grassland. There is a small town down the hill. The town where Creed family visits an agent there to rent the mansion.

Night Comes fast, the Creed family just finished settled their belongings. Meanwhile Abe is in the library in the second floor, its a big library with a bunch of books. Abe take one of the books, he opened it, the book is so old, it covered with dust, he can’t see what was written on it.

Jess is with Noah in the bedroom on the first floor, Jess is singing Noah’s favorite song before he sleeps. “Twinkle, Twinkle star” Jess sang with smooth voice , swept his hair slowly, and kissed his head as he sleeps.

Joseph is sitting in the backyard while writing his new book. He really enjoys his writing until.

He heard voice whispering his name. It came from behind, where a large garden with a fountain lies in the middle of it.

“what? Who’s calling me ?” Joe stood up and looked behind him. He approach the fountain where he though the voice came from.

When he got there he found nothing. Then he’s going back to his seat where his laptop at.

Suddenly his eyes stare at his laptop. His face expressed he saw something very unusual.

“i left it with a blank page . . ” Joe pointing at the screen. What he saw is a words like someone has type it.

“What a skills you got there. I just left it here for a couple of seconds, and you already wrote this much.”

Joe keep standing, he read what is in the screen. It’s like telling some story, the story said there was a village, that being burn by English men in American revolutionary War.

“No time for history lessons. Whatever is that , that’s really odd.” James said with a trembling voice.” And suddenly there’s a voice coming’ out of his laptop. The voices were screaming in agony, and it’s like there is a house being burned, children and women are crying, there’s a voice of an English commander commanding his soldiers, it take a couple of seconds until the laptop behave abnormally and shut down.

Joe just stood still watching in awe, he swept his sweat and hurried goes inside leaving his laptop where it is.

Chapter 1

The next morning Jess finds out that Joe is sleeping beside her, she really want to wake him up but she thought maybe he’s writing until midnight, so she leave him be. She went downstairs, to the kitchen. She wants to prepare for breakfast, when she saw Joe’s laptop on the table. Its unusual that Joe leaving his laptop like this, he always think it’s like it was his own life. Breakfast ready, Jess call her husband and sons to having a breakfast together. They sat on the table and praying before starting to eat.

“Joe, how is your writing? I saw your laptop in the couch, it’s unusual.” Jess stroke a question

“Oh yes. It’s broken. I don’t know why but last night it behaves abnormally. So we’re going into town today, while you’re having fun. I’m going to fix it.”

“Dad, aren’t you going to have fun with us?” Noah asked with his little cute voice

“Of course boy. I’ll catch up with you later” Answer Joe

“Impossible” Abe said silently

The Creed family drives their car downhill and went to the nearest town, where a place for recreation is at. Abe has noticed that the mansion looks a little bit odd from a far sight. But he- didn’t care about it and enjoy his vacation. After Joe takes his family to the recreation site, he went to a engineer to repair his laptop. He opened the door to the repair shop, and the bell above the door rang, come a young man’s voice from the counter. “Good morning , sir. Can I help you?” the young boy said.

“Yes I want to repair this laptop of mine.” Joe said as he show his laptop

“What is the problem?” ask the young boy

“It happens last night. My laptop is behaving abnormally and then shut down.” Joe didn’t tell the boy about the strange voice that coming out of it and the words that suddenly typed in his laptop.

The boy called the engineer, explain what is seems to be the problem, and the engineer , a bald muscular man bring it to the back room to repair it.

“If I may ask. How long does it going to take?”

“well approximately an hour sir” the boy replied. And he continue “Pardon me, I are you here on vacation?”

“Yes with my family. But while they’re having fun, I have to continue my job. You know, writing my new book”

“Are you a writer ?” said the young boy as he felt surprised. “What is your name ?”

“Joseph Creed” Joe replied

“Oh my God! You are Joseph Creed the author of “Defend Our Home” ? im your big fans ! I like your story!” the boy shakes Joe’s hand

Joe feels glad because everyone likes his story after all. Joe starts his writing career about a year ago. First he was just doing it to kill times when he gets bored, but now he’s famous.

Then the engineer come to the front desk and give Joe his laptop, telling him that there was no problem, first Joe didn’t believe that because he seen it by his own eyes that something weird has happen. But when the engineer operates it and it shows no problem, Joe started to have a bad feeling.

Joe then pays them and be on his way through the exit door , and the boy strike with another question. “Excuse me sir. Where do you stay ? I heard the hotels are full this time of year.”

“There’s a mansion uphill. It’s a beautiful one, but the old man rent it for a cheap price” Joe answered.

“What ? mansion ? uphill ? an old man who rent the mansion ?” The boy’s face turns pale. “I never heard about any mansion around here , or an old man who run a rent business.”

“You got to be kidding me.” Joe said as he chuckled.

“Or maybe its THAT mansion” The boy talk to himself”

“What are you talking about ?” Joe walk away from the door towards the boy.

“town folks said there’s a mansion uphill that has being burn by British in the American revolutionary war. And there’s a village around the mansion too. The mansion was belongs to a noble family.”

“Burn down ? but I stay there for a night” Joe replied he looks frightened

“What if the house and its residents still wandering as a ghosts? You better be careful sir”

“Thanks for the warning.” Joe chuckled. He walked towards the door, open it, and before he exits he say his last word to the boy. “Stop taking drugs, kid. Its going to kill you. Trust me” then Joe close the door, he thinks that the boy was hallucinating.



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