They’re Everywhere

Written By: Adri A Wisnu


“We’re here fellas !” a car stopped at front of a big house, a very old fashioned mansion. It seems being left by his owner for a hundred years. But it doesn’t look like it. “C’mon, wake up guys” Joseph Creed, head of Creed family, he’s a very successful writer in that time. Joe for short, waking his sons that were sleeping in the back seat. ” Whoa dad, are you sure this is where we will stayed for 5 days ?” Abraham looked surprised. Abraham is Joe’s eldest son; his face is really looked like his father. “Are you sure we rent a mansion with a little price? i mean, look at this place !” Abraham said as he get out of the car. “It’s cheap because its old, Abe. i can imagine, the interior must be very dusty” Jessica creed said. She’s a wife of Joseph. “oh my god I can’t imagine” Abe babbling to himself.
“It’s okay, we’re only here for a couple of days. So enjoy your vacation” Joe said
“Daddy . . .” Noah just opened his eyes
Joe then picks Noah up. “Let’s see what’s inside” Joe takes the key from his pocket. goes to the front door and use the key.
“Here Jess, hold him up” Joe give Noah to Jess. He slowly open the door, it was crooked a little, so he’s afraid that the door will break.
“whoa . . .look at this” Joe sat foot in the mansion, he’s so amazed at what he saw, “Look at this everyone ! come in !”
His family followed him and they’re amazed about how beautiful the mansion is. it really old outside, but it’s like brand new inside.
Its bright, clean, the floor can give reflection, its really nice.
“Wait. It does really make me thinking. Why would the old man give us a cheap price for an awesome place like this?” asked Jess wondering
“Well, it’s good for us then.” Joe said and he chuckled. “Let’s have a great vacation everyone! Well I have to begin writing my new book anyway.”

The mansion is located near a mountain. surrounded with a vast grassland. There is a small town down the hill. The town where Creed family visits an agent there to rent the mansion.
Night Comes fast, the Creed family just finished settled their belongings. Meanwhile Abe is in the library in the second floor, its a big library with a bunch of books. Abe take one of the books, he opened it, the book is so old, it covered with dust, he can’t see what was written on it.
Jess is with Noah in the bedroom on the first floor, Jess is singing Noah’s favorite song before he sleeps. “Twinkle, Twinkle star” Jess sang with smooth voice , swept his hair slowly, and kissed his head as he sleeps.
Joseph is sitting in the backyard while writing his new book. He really enjoys his writing until.
He heard voice whispering his name. It came from behind, where a large garden with a fountain lies in the middle of it.
“what? Who’s calling me ?” Joe stood up and looked behind him. He approach the fountain where he though the voice came from.
When he got there he found nothing. Then he’s going back to his seat where his laptop at.
Suddenly his eyes stare at his laptop. His face expressed he saw something very unusual.
“i left it with a blank page . . ” Joe pointing at the screen. What he saw is a words like someone has type it.
“What a skills you got there. I just left it here for a couple of seconds, and you already wrote this much.”
Joe keep standing, he read what is in the screen. It’s like telling some story, the story said there was a village, that being burn by English men in American revolutionary War.
“No time for history lessons. Whatever is that , that’s really odd.” James said with a trembling voice.” And suddenly there’s a voice coming’ out of his laptop. The voices were screaming in agony, and it’s like there is a house being burned, children and women are crying, there’s a voice of an English commander commanding his soldiers, it take a couple of seconds until the laptop behave abnormally and shut down.
Joe just stood still watching in awe, he swept his sweat and hurried goes inside leaving his laptop where it is.

Chapter 1

The next morning Jess finds out that Joe is sleeping beside her, she really want to wake him up but she thought maybe he’s writing until midnight, so she leave him be. She went downstairs, to the kitchen. She wants to prepare for breakfast, when she saw Joe’s laptop on the table. Its unusual that Joe leaving his laptop like this, he always think it’s like it was his own life. Breakfast ready, Jess call her husband and sons to having a breakfast together. They sat on the table and praying before starting to eat.
“Joe, how is your writing? I saw your laptop in the couch, it’s unusual.” Jess stroke a question
“Oh yes. It’s broken. I don’t know why but last night it behaves abnormally. So we’re going into town today, while you’re having fun. I’m going to fix it.”
“Dad, aren’t you going to have fun with us?” Noah asked with his little cute voice
“Of course boy. I’ll catch up with you later” Answer Joe
“Impossible” Abe said silently

The Creed family drives their car downhill and went to the nearest town, where a place for recreation is at. Abe has noticed that the mansion looks a little bit odd from a far sight. But he- didn’t care about it and enjoy his vacation. After Joe takes his family to the recreation site, he went to a engineer to repair his laptop. He opened the door to the repair shop, and the bell above the door rang, come a young man’s voice from the counter. “Good morning , sir. Can I help you?” the young boy said.
“Yes I want to repair this laptop of mine.” Joe said as he show his laptop
“What is the problem?” ask the young boy
“It happens last night. My laptop is behaving abnormally and then shut down.” Joe didn’t tell the boy about the strange voice that coming out of it and the words that suddenly typed in his laptop.
The boy called the engineer, explain what is seems to be the problem, and the engineer , a bald muscular man bring it to the back room to repair it.
“If I may ask. How long does it going to take?”
“well approximately an hour sir” the boy replied. And he continue “Pardon me, I are you here on vacation?”
“Yes with my family. But while they’re having fun, I have to continue my job. You know, writing my new book”
“Are you a writer ?” said the young boy as he felt surprised. “What is your name ?”
“Joseph Creed” Joe replied
“Oh my God! You are Joseph Creed the author of “Defend Our Home” ? im your big fans ! I like your story!” the boy shakes Joe’s hand
Joe feels glad because everyone likes his story after all. Joe starts his writing career about a year ago. First he was just doing it to kill times when he gets bored, but now he’s famous.
Then the engineer come to the front desk and give Joe his laptop, telling him that there was no problem, first Joe didn’t believe that because he seen it by his own eyes that something weird has happen. But when the engineer operates it and it shows no problem, Joe started to have a bad feeling.
Joe then pays them and be on his way through the exit door , and the boy strike with another question. “Excuse me sir. Where do you stay ? I heard the hotels are full this time of year.”
“There’s a mansion uphill. It’s a beautiful one, but the old man rent it for a cheap price” Joe answered.
“What ? mansion ? uphill ? an old man who rent the mansion ?” The boy’s face turns pale. “I never heard about any mansion around here , or an old man who run a rent business.”
“You got to be kidding me.” Joe said as he chuckled.
“Or maybe its THAT mansion” The boy talk to himself”
“What are you talking about ?” Joe walk away from the door towards the boy.
“town folks said there’s a mansion uphill that has being burn by British in the American revolutionary war. And there’s a village around the mansion too. The mansion was belongs to a noble family.”
“Burn down ? but I stay there for a night” Joe replied he looks frightened
“What if the house and its residents still wandering as a ghosts? You better be careful sir”
“Thanks for the warning.” Joe chuckled. He walked towards the door, open it, and before he exits he say his last word to the boy. “Stop taking drugs, kid. It can kill you. Trust me” then Joe close the door, he thinks that the boy was hallucinating.

Night has come , the old mansion where the creed family stayed is bright with the candle lit everywhere , after all it’s an old mansion. A sound of an owl can be heard from the very big and old tree behind the mansion. Night wind is whispering softly and there’s a beautiful full moon along with so many stars in the sky.

Meanwhile , Jess , Noah , and Abraham exhausted after spending their day at the recreation park and they’re ready for a good night sleep.
“Good night dad” Abe said to his dad whose still sitting at the couch and do his job.
“ Good Night, son. Let’s play baseball tomorrow morning “ Joe replied
Abe give his father a gentle smile and goes upstairs, while Jess and Abe is in the main room downstairs.
The clock is ticking and its pointing at 00.00, its stroke midnight. Joe is still writing , though he’s already feel really tired , he already felt heavy to open his eyes , but he get carried away by writing, after all its his hobby.
His feeling of tiredness is gone when he saw a short black shadowy figure in the hallway. The mansion is dark because it doesn’t have electricity, odd isn’t it ?
The black figure is walking towards him , slowly. Joe started to feel frightened but something is tempting him to not to run.
“wait a second” Joe said. “ Noah is that you ?”
“Yes dad its me. Why do you look so scared ?” Noah sad with an innocent voice.
Joe chuckled, put Noah to sit beside him and said “hey what are you doing at this hour tiger ? can’t sleep ?”
Then Joe noticed his son is really sweaty. “Dad its so hot” Noah said
“Now that you mentioned it. Its weird. The weather is suppose to be nice this time of year. “
Then Joe starting to think “Quite frankly the weather is really nice earlier this day, but why its suddenly turns out to be as hot as hell ?”
Meanwhile, Abe rolling to left and right in his bed. Somehow he couldn’t sleep; he felt that something unusual will happen in the matter of time. He get out of his room to get some water because the weather is really hot. He then noticed a room in the end of the hallway, he can’t remember he ever seen it before, he went to check out what kind of room behind that door, he twist the knob , but the door is locked. “What am I thinking? a dark and secret room ?” and he laugh softly. Then he went downstairs and straight to the kitchen to grab some water. He saw a basket and three watermelons in the table, “ I don’t remember seeing mom or dad bought watermelons” he thought. He doesn’t think about it anymore and grab a glass from the cabinet. In a moment he want to take a water from the bottle a wind blown out the candle leaving Abe alone in the dark. He gasped and turns around, he couldn’t see a thing, only pitch black. He grabs his cellphone from his pocket, and turns the light on. When he points the light towards the basket on the table, his face suddenly turns pale and he taken a slow steps back,he breath heavily and fast . Without hesitation he screamed so loud, and his voice echoed throughout the mansion.

Chapter 2

A night that initially filled with sounds of owl and whisper of the wind suddenly fell silence, not even crickets. Vast grasslands which is extended in front of the mansion is really lifeless. They’re dancing because being blown by the wind, and there’s a voices of crickets singing but now everything’s gone, the Creed family sure have a bad feeling about this.

After heard that screaming voice from the kitchen, Joseph rush to check if something happen. He stops but he didn’t see anything, he walk slowly like a barefoot walking on the shattered glass, his eyes searching thoroughly for the source of the voice. And then he sees someone ducking on the corner, breathing heavily. He walked towards it and eventually finds out that it was Abraham. Abe’s eyes staring at the dinner table, it don’t move a muscle, his mouth open like he was trying to say something but the words couldn’t come out, he breathing rapidly like something has inhibit his breathing. His face as pale as a vampire. Joe approach him and told him to snap out of it. “Abe, what happen !? speak to me !” he shouts to Abe. Abe’s face still filled with fear and a numerous sweat rolling down from his forehead. “ I saw . . .” Abe finally begin to talk. “What happen here ?” Jess is coming to see what is the ruckus all about. “Stand back Jess” Joe hold Jess in her place. He look back to Abe and asked him “tell me now what did you saw ?”. Abe take a deep breath to calm himself down and answered “ I saw a basket of watermelons . .there are three of them. I’m going to have a glass of water from the thermos. And suddenly the wind blown out the candle leaving me in the dark, then I light my cell phone” He stopped for a moment, and then another word came out from his thin lips “those watermelons . .change into heads, yours , Noah, and mom. You guys are staring at me, eyes to eyes. And your head said to me why am I still alive. Its really freaking me out! I’m afraid I was going to die!” Abe said with the trembling voice. While everybody is focus on Abraham, Noah heard someone has sang his favorite song. “twinkle twinkle little star” a soft whispering voice that come out of nowhere is really makes Noah curious, after all he just a little boy. He walked through the corridor into the Front door, then he can hear the voice is getting clearer. Without hesitation he opened it.

Meanwhile Joe pull Abe back to his feet, and said “Let’s get out of here ! this house is strange. “ . Jess felt that there were something has watching them from every corner, and she feel it too, something has moving around them. But she didn’t say anything, that’ll just making them more panic. “wait a second . . Where’s Noah !?” Jess realize that Noah is not around. “I’m sure that he was beside me a couple of minutes ago !”
“then what are we waiting for ? find him then let’s get out of here !” shouts Joe, he pulled Abe to stand up and search for Noah in the mansion.

“I’ll search the second floor” jess said as she goes up to the second floor. While Joe and Abe search the first floor.
Jess who’s been searching alone upstairs is heard a whispering voice, she couldn’t catch what it is saying, and she searching for where the noise came from. She stood in front of a wooden door, it’s crooked so she thought rather it is old, or someone just opened it. What really tempt her is the whisper is coming out from that door, but still she couldn’t determine the words it is saying, only whisper. She tried to open the door, but its locked. “This is the last room I haven’t searched yet , but its locked so I don’t think Noah will be here. But that whispering noise . . .” She wondering for a second. “Tap, tap” a tapping voice coming from the upper bathroom. Quickly she turn around and locked her eyes into an open bathroom door which is actually closed when she first take a step into the second floor. “Any luck up there ?” Joe’s voice coming from the first floor. “He’s not here !” Jess replied. Her eyes still staring on the bathroom. She’s a very brave women, he usually go to what is rumored to be a haunted house with her friends in her younger days. So with enough courage she took a slow step towards the bathroom. The wood where she walks on is squeaking sometimes. She’s getting closer to the bathroom where she apparently sees a shadow, very tall shadow moving back and forth in the bathroom. Her sweat is rolling from her head as she getting closer. “Jess are you finish? we got no luck down here ! Let’s search outside!” Joe said from below. Jess gasped after hear Joe’s voice. “No luck here either! “ Jess replied the man below and she walked downstairs. The bathroom door slowly shut when there’s no one on the second floor.
She then joined up with Joseph and Abraham. Then Joseph, Abe , and Jess run towards the front door, open it and go outside. “Whoa ! stop !” Joe halted jess and Abe. Abe look above towards the sky, apparently he saw something big and terrifying. “oh my god . . .” He whisper . “This is a bizarre” Joe said in awe.

Chapter 3

Joe with his wife and eldest son looking at something terrifying at the sky. A dozen amount of crows gawking and flying around in circle, it’s like the entire army of crows. Their eyes glowing red, their feather are black like shadows, they almost become one with the darkest of night. There’s a sounds of terrifying gawk coming out from their beak. “That’s not ordinary crow” said Joe. And then suddenly the crows are spread out and revealed something so unusual, a Village. “What the . . .” Joe said as he open his jaw in surprise, can’t believe what he saw. “Dad, I have a bad feeling about this” Abe said.
The what suppose to be a vast grassland turns into a village. An old school village like it was built in 1700’s. “So what was that boy said is true” Joe said to himself, recall what the boy in the repair shop said. “Look !” Jess shout by pointing through the village. There stood a boy and a completely white girl, except her hair, but her eyes, clothes , and skin are white. “Mom, Dad. That’s Noah !” Abe said to his parents. Then the three run towards Noah who just stood still and staring at the woman in white in far away. They get through the village which is definitely like a ghost town. The houses is deserted, no signs of life. The weather is as cold as death. After reaching Noah, Jess bent down and hold him, he didn’t move a bit and his eyes just staring at nothingness. Jess pulled Noah to bring him to the car and get out of that place. In the same time. The woman in white suddenly vanished into thin air.
“I hear something” Joe said. A creepy moaning voices heard from every houses, every single one. “Looks like a zombie” Abe said. And from the houses, a horde of walking corpses with a rotten body come out, as they moan with agony and walk towards Joe and the others with their cramp legs. Some of them are just emerges from the ground. “Everybody run! take shelter in the mansion !” Joe said. They horrified but still Noah didn’t express a thing, he’s like being hypnotist. While running back to the mansion a zombie’s hand came from below and catch Abraham’s right leg and pulled him to the ground. “HELP!!” Abe screamed in anguish. A horde of zombies came slowly towards him while he’s being snatch by zombie from the ground. “Joe do something!” Jess cried. Joe run towards Abe and kicked the hand until its lose its grasp. He pulled his son up and they run to the mansion and barricade themselves. “this is nightmare” Abe said as he tries to catch a breath. “it sure is . .” Joe replied.
“Dad why we’re going back here ? we’re suppose to go straight to the car “ asked Abe
“ maybe we can find something that we can use as a weapon here.”
“oh yes !” jess interrupted. “there’s a locked room on the second floor, let’s check it !”
“well its worth trying” Said Joe.
They went upstairs and find the locked door. Joe bust in with his shoulder.
What they found is a room with so many cabinets filled with collections of weapons.
From swords, axe, tomahawks , to bayonets. “check this out !” Abe said “we can use this !”
“what a collection they got here” Joe said as he close the door
“now I figure why this room is locked.” Abe said,

They look around while Jess and Noah sit around in the old chair. Joe look around and find something that really disturb his mind. He saw a picture of an old man standing in the table. “oh my god” Joe said while he took the picture. “this is the old man that rent us this mansion !” he continue with a high tone.
“wait” Jess stood up from the chair. “does that means the old man that rent this mansion to us is a ghost ? and he’s the owner of this mansion ?”
“Apparently” Joe replied. “I have an idea” he walked towards the cabinet and take a tomahawk and a machete. “we’re going to fight our way out ! Abe , grab some weapons you like. But only the melee”
“sure thing dad !”

“Jess, you and Noah stay behind us, we’ll cut a way for you” Joe said as he prepares to open the door. A bashing noise came out from the first floor, apparently the zombies are busting in. there’s a noise of glass breaking as well, maybe they smashed the windows.
“At three.” Joe start counting and when he reached three, he kick the wood door and he saw zombies roaming on the first floor. “Go !” as Joe command them to go, they rushed to the first floor. A Zombie attacked Joe, grab his shoulder and move up its head to bite him in the throat but Abe rush ahead to help his dad. Abe slashed the zombie’s head off. “Abe you’re suppose to guard the rear !” shout Joe.
From behind Jess and Noah, there’s a dozen amounts of zombies walking towards them from the backyard. Jess screaming for help, and when Joe is about to help them, another group of zombies came from the barred front door. “Oh my God ! We’re surrounded !” Abe said as he saw another zombies came from the kitchen.
“They’re everywhere !” Said Joe as he prepared his tomahawk to cut down some zombies.
When the zombies getting near to their position, Joe said something with a sad voice. “Maybe we’ll die here, we can’t get through this much. They caught us for sure.” Joe take a deep breath “at least one of us”.
Abe stare at his father “You mean you’re gonna sacrifice yourself just to get me,Noah and mom get out safely !? what will become of creed family without you !”
“that’s true, if you die then we’ll die too” Jess continue
“No.” Joe answered with a low voice. “Do as I say, im going to distract the zombies while you get the hell out of here !”
“but dad . . .” Abe stopped when his father slapped him.
“They’re getting closer ! now go . . . .GO !!” Joe scream very loud and scary, that his scream makes Noah cry.
Without saying anything Joe running towards the zombies and he swinging his tomahawk and machete towards them, killing some of them. He shouting like a crazy guy to make the zombies came towards him.
Abe take his mother out of that cursed mansion, and fight off a few number of zombies with the 17th century sword he’s carrying. They keep running until they Joe screamed in agony. They know that he’s killed and keep pressing forward until they’ve reached the town.
Dawn has come, the sun rising from the east as they set foot in the town street and get out of that nightmare, but without they beloved Jonathan Creed.
They heard someone gasping beside them, and they saw a grown man with a harsh face , with mustache and wearing a work suit standing staring at them. “Why are you carrying a sword and why there are blood splattered all over your body !? you must be a murderer !” That man said as he take a step backward.
“No . . .let me explain !” it took a while for Abe to convince that man that he’s not a murderer and explain what just happen. Then the man knows something about the mansion’s legend, they told them that the owner is hate british men very much until he passed away. He also said that the mansion only terrorized every british that staying on that mansion.
“but we are American . . “ Said Abe
“Yeah that’s weird” That man replied
“no, your father. He was a British descendant” jess said and she continue to explain about the origins of Creed family that Joe used to tell her.
Then Abe open his jaw in shocked and doesn’t believe what his mother just said.
“So that’s why . . .” said the man “and where is he now ?”
“he’s dead” Abe said as he shed tears “he’s dead protecting us, he’s dead as a great man”
“im sorry to hear that” the black man said and he tries to cheer the family that just lost their leader. “Come to my house, clean yourself up and get some rest”
Then The remnants of Creed family walked with the man and began a new life.
They report the incident as a fire occur at the mansion and the police conduct a search for Joseph’s body. But they said they didn’t find anything, even the mansion itself. Its just a Vast grassland up the hill they said.


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