Hide And Seek (Preview) By : Adri A.W

Martin Forthwright a psycho killer who usually tortured his victims before actually kills them.

he leaves no trace nor evidence in the crime scene which is make it difficult for police to track him down.

Police hire a currently famous first class detective who has a troublesome past and has no family or close friends. his name is Alex Fiskus. he dedicated his life to catch criminals and doing what’s good for the people. he also prefer to work alone because he thinks everyone only will slow him down.

He’s being requested by commissioner Craig Callahan to solve this difficult case. Alex is being introduced to Ryan Haner who will going to work together with him to solve the case regarding serial killing conduct by Martin ” Marty” Forthwright.

One day, a Murder of Abraham Harrington in his mansion, makes Alex and the other found a cassette labeled “PLAY ME !” while investigating the crime scene. Alex bring the only evidence to his vile apartment and play it using a tape. The voice log has been recorded by Martin himself. Martin challenge Alex, whether Alex can capture him, and while he’s trying, Martin will kill someone every 5 days.

Will Alex and Ryan been able to find Marty’s whereabouts and bring him to justice ?

how many lives will be lost while Alex make effort to stop Marty’s menace ?

find the answer at Hide And Seek Part 1


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