Hide and Seek Part II Preview. By : Adri A Wisnu

It’s been exactly five months since the arrest of notorious serial killer Martin Forthwright and his previous confrontation with Alex and Ryan. Martin was going to face his trial this day, with Ryan and Alex watch the broadcast with their small but proud TV. Martin easily confessed he’s guilty and he act like a mentally deranged man during the trial by making some silly faces, act like a children and therefore–by looking at his attitude–the judge decide to put him into asylum instead of giving him death penalty by the reason of his insanity.

Alex who didn’t accept this, immediately making his way to the District Attorney’s office to complain about the decision. but his effort was all in vain. He and Ryan then asks for a permission to talk to martin face to face.

Alex convinced by Commissioner Phillip whose said that Martin will be guarded under heavy surveillance. Alex and Ryan spent peacefully until a murder has been reported at an alleyway on the back door of a Broadway stage. The murderer has used Martin’s method leading Alex and the other to the assumption that Martin have escaped. They goes to the asylum where Martin kept and seeing by their own eyes that Martin is still there.

Another deadly case for them to solve…….


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